Last Sunday at 2:30 pm, the Air Traffic Officer of Imphal received a message from CISF that a UFO has been seen near the Imphal Airport. When an unidentified unmanned aerial vehicle was seen at the Imphal Airport, flight operations at the airport were immediately stopped. Was this really a UFO or a Chinese conspiracy Some people say that it was an unidentified drone, some say that it was a spying balloon, which was sent to spy on India. And some people are also considering it as UFO! But when two Rafale aircraft of the Indian Air Force started chasing it to investigate, that UFO suddenly disappeared somewhere! It is believed that China had many times sent UFO-like spy balloons to spy on many countries, so it is possible that this time too it may have been China’s work. It is also being said that Coco Island near Myanmar has now become a spying base for China. In such a situation, it is possible that China itself has sent it to spy on Myanmar and India.

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