Best UFO stories you’ve never heard of

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Videos used listed below

Orb UFO recorded near Florida airport

Cigar UFO “mothership” photographed over new York

The greatest UFO photos taken of Giant cigar mother-ship over New York in 1967. It was seen ejecting smaller saucers seen in photo 4. These are real images taken by Joseph Ferriere.
byu/StaticBang inUFOs

Mysterious lights recorded in Peru

High speed UFO recorded over festival

UAP spotted over Dutch hardstyle festival Elektrum
byu/mister_tom5 inUFOB

Flashing UFO s recorded above Oregon

Anyone see this over Clackamas Oregon?
byu/Ok-Sleep-3400 inUFOs

Object recorded from plane window

Flying saucer captured on video over Columbia two weeks ago.
byu/dhr2330 inUFOs

Mass UFO activity recorded in Florida

Pilot records object over Mexico

Black Tic-Tac like object recorded by pilot in Monterrey, Mexico on July 5th 2023
byu/DisasterBig inUFOs

Airplane wing UFO

Evidence for advanced ancient technology in Egypt

Music Used

Only Memories Remain by Hayden Folker