Many people claim to have seen UFO’s and aliens, but most of the time, these sightings turn out to be hoaxes or difficult to prove. However, sightings from passengers sitting in planes may change your opinion about UFO’s. Join us, as we look at passengers who filmed flying UFO’sand see what happened.

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Michelle Reyes UFO

A mystery item sighted in the skies over New York City has been classified as another unidentified flying object. Michelle Reyes, aboard a commercial flight, reported sighting an odd object from her window near New York’s LaGuardia Airport. She claimed to have witnessed a “flying cylinder” and posted a video online of it. She said she contacted the Federal Aviation Administration to see if it was a safety threat, but she has yet to hear from them. Thomas Wertman, the Mutual UFO Network’s state director in Ohio, examined the tape and provided insights regarding the unidentified object. He saw the dark object appeared to be traveling at an altitude of roughly 2,500 feet and was close to the plane as it approached the airport for landing. Drones are not permitted to fly at that altitude, at least legally. Was that a bird, or a UFO? Mr. Wertman, who has spent years examining the skies for evidence of extraterrestrial visits, believes the unidentified object could pose a “potential hazard”. He was particularly intrigued by the object’s odd spherical shape, which he felt warranted more investigation. He remarked that the item did not resemble a commercial airplane because it lacked wings and a tail. According to him, the plane Ms. Reyes was on was about 15 minutes from LaGuardia Airport, and was probably flying at 230 mph when the video was shot.

UFO Caught from Airplane – South Korea

An airline passenger captured footage of a mystery oval white object flying over Seoul, South Korea. The video has subsequently gone viral on the Internet, with many individuals offering otherworldly interpretations. The UFO video was published on YouTube and has been viewed millions of times. Some commentators suggest it’s certainly an extraterrestrial spaceship, while others say it’s a fake. Others argue it’s neither, but rather an actual object—such as a plastic bag in the wind, a parachute viewed from above, or a drop of water on the window—that appears unusual from that viewpoint. Aside from the cameraman’s obscurity, the footage raises questions regarding its veracity. For starters, the video is incomplete; it was purposefully altered to leave out certain facts. We know this because the footage begins when it’s already in progress, with the UFO already firmly in frame in the lower right corner. The video camera did not turn on unexpectedly to capture that scene. There must have been some footage shot in the first few seconds after the camera was turned on, or when the photographer pointed the camera out the window. This form of selective editing is commonly seen in UFO hoax videos. There’s also the fact that the cameraman takes about seven seconds before mentioning the UFO to his buddy. It’s definitely visible, and it would be difficult to keep your reaction to yourself if you were observing while videotaping. Perhaps most strangely, despite plainly seeing the UFO, the cameraman makes no attempt to pursue the object when it zooms up and out of view. Instead, he videotapes the same piece of sky for the final 10 seconds of the clip. While these internal signs indicate that something is wrong with the footage, the issue remains: was it a real object? Some of the most common explanations do not match the facts. A plastic bag, for example, is unlikely to reach that altitude, and a parachute cannot move as seen in the video. The best terrestrial explanation for the UFO is that it is a droplet of water on the outside of the window that is pushed up by airflow from beneath the fuselage. This might explain why the UFO is out of focus, because it’s so near to the lens. It does not, however, explain why the UFO appears to have a consistent shape. Droplets of water, particularly when under high pressure, distort and produce droplet trails as they move across a flat surface. This one doesn’t.