The world is continuing to learn more about the UFO UAP phenomenon. Here, veteran investigative journalist Ross Coulthart sits down for an extended interview with Professor Garry Nolan. Subscribe and set 🔔 »

This interview, recorded in June 2022, with Professor Garry Nolan – one of those precocious minds that when you meet them you know you’re in the presence of someone remarkable, with incredible intelligence. He’s a Stanford University-based professor of immunology, and a nominee for a Nobel prize. He’s one of the most reputable immunologists on the planet and is extremely well regarded.
Professor Nolan has since become Chairman of the Sol Foundation – a new organisation set up to advocate for scientific investigation of UAPs.
Professor Nolan has multiple patents, huge numbers of papers that have been published in his name, and has two companies listed on the Nasdaq, because of successful inventions that he’s made. As Ross says, “he’s just all around a complete total overachiever”.
“One of the things that I loved in meeting him was his candor. He’s very fast becoming one of the public faces of UFO UAP commentary. He’s decided to take a very public profile because he’s actually an experiencer himself, so when I asked him about the significance of the us government’s admissions that have been made about UAps in the last 12 months, I was quite shocked and surprised at what he told me.”

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1:30 What we know for sure about UAPs
4:20 What is “it”?
5:50 On Lue Elizondo and the extraterrestrial explanation
6:38 Message to skeptics
8:30 Professor Nolan’s studies into pilots
10:48 Professor Nolan on the Council Bluffs Iowa event
14:40 Analysing Bismuth Magnesium material
17:20 Is the US Government in possession of UAP materials?
20:00 Pine Gap in Australia, and whether China or Russia know more about UAPs
24:25 Why is there still a stigma?
26:35 The Wow! Signal paper and human DNA intervention
29:20 Professor Garry Nolan’s own experiences
37:00 Garry Nolan’s advice for people who have had experiences
41:50 Why sightings run in families
44:20 Dealing with people who claim abduction
48:20 The Betz Sphere mystery
54:25 Eric Davis and the Admiral Wilson Document
58:50 Professor Garry Nolan and the whistleblowers
61:00 Do Aliens want to be found?
64:50 The biggest scientific discovery of all time

Produced & Edited by Stefan Mitchell

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