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The UFO phenomenon stretches way more than just on what is in the sky. Until recently, I was not aware about the term USO. Darcy Weir is a filmmaker and his recent documentary explores the USO phenomenon. Retired Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet is featured heavily in the doc. I have themon the show today and we discuss how Darcy got into the topic in the first place and how he approached Tim, through Matt Ford. Tim talks about his participation in the Sol Foundation and the impact that a watered-down UAPDA had in all of them. Tim also talks about his theory of what these objects are and how he views the AARO report and what it should’ve been.
We discuss the possibility of other governments and their approach to disclosure. How some of them are following the U.S. lead. We talk whistleblowers and Tim offers encouragement that this info will come out in our lifetime despite Kristian’s doubts. He also talks about Mellon’s view on the post-disclosure world. This and more on UAP Tuesday with Kristian Harloff.
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