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GyuRee @konasee 
Yejin @nodular_body.tdf
with LSAC @LSACmodel

Film from @Visualsfrom
Film Crews
Director Jinsoo Chung @equalizer
Art & Costume by Moseon
Hyewon Kim @sisihye_
Boram Kim @dekim.boram

Director of Photography Jichul Ahn @zeepy505
B-Cam Seungsung Hong @seung_sung
PD Minki Kwon @kwonminkee
AD Jinhwan Maeng @mayne_dish, Jinsung Chung @chungjinsung
Makeup Suyoung Shim @shim_suyoung
Hair Styling Heeseung Park @hair_heeseung_ 
Location – Howany @Howany_flower with @Hanilda
Thanks to Seokwon Choi, Sungjun Yoon (LSAC), Taehyeon Hwang

Written by Xavier Boyer
Composed by Xavier Boyer, Médéric Gontier, Pedro Resende, Raphael Léger, Hadrien Grange
Produced by Julien Vignon & Tahiti 80
Mixed by Julian Simmons
Mastered by Phil Shaw Bova
Published by Wallpaper 4 (p) & (c) 2021 Human Sounds



I don’t know, why you remind me of a U.F.O
I’ve never seen one,
But there are things you don’t need to show

All my life, I’ve been looking for of a time machine
I don’t need it now
‘Cause you’re the purest thing I’ve ever seen

I don’t even know
Where to stand in this world
But it feels, yes it feels, right this time
Everybody needs to let go of something
I just wanna believe it’s coming true
This bright spark between me and you

Take it slow, don’t fly away like a UFO
Will you sit still?
I’ll quit talking but I’ll keep on watching you

I just want to forget
All those years we lost in between
Let’s celebrate
‘Cause you’re the purest thing I’ve ever seen


I don’t even know where to stand in this world
But I’ll make it easier for you
I see a spark between me and you
So true, please tell me you can see it too

Don’t you fly away like a UFO


I just wanna believe, just wanna believe