Jeremy Corbell says UFO aren’t just real, but there is physical evidence they’ve been here. He’s revealed countless, verified reports. And he says he has a WHOLE lot more. Subscribe now

It’s the age old question.. are we alone in the universe? Soon, we might get some answers.
For the first time in 50 years U.S military officials have gone before a Congress hearing, releasing once classified videos from fighter pilots’ cockpits. One shows a fleeting image of a spherical object speeding past a military fighter jet.

It’s led to the inquiry which heard about hundreds of unexplained encounters. A Government report last year acknowledged that between 2004 and 2021 that there were 144 unexplained sightings.
Since then the number’s grown to 400.

Investigative UFO filmmaker Jeremy Corbell has obtained and released history making video, many of which have triggered the US government into action.

Jeremy is a fascinating individual, and believes he has proof – and a lot of it – that UFOs are real.

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